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CRCE Through The Journal:
Earn 12 CRCE Contact Hours Annually

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What to Study

The most recent issue of RESPIRATORY CARE is the only resource you will need to answer the 10 true-or-false questions. Only the first five journal articles are included in the CRCE test. The exam will remain active until the middle of the following month. Take the exam every month, or just when you choose.

Exam Instructions

Once you enter the exam area of the website, you must complete the entire exam in one sitting. Do not exit the exam area—your work cannot be saved.

When you have finished entering your answers, submit your exam for scoring. (You must give an answer for each question; the system will not accept any blanks).

Finishing Up

Your exam is scored instantly. If you answer 7 or more of the 10 questions correctly, you pass the exam! You may then print a signed Certificate of Completion to present to your state board as evidence that you have earned 1 CRCE contact hour. Your newly-acquired CRCE contact hour will also be added to your web-based AARC transcript.

If you did not achieve a passing score, you are allowed a second attempt. To maintain exam security, you will not be notified which of your answers were incorrect. The answer key will be published online the following month.

To Complete the Program

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