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1996 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Incorporating Clinical Education Into the New Curricular Components

William F. Galvin, MSEd, RRT, CPFT Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Many of the lay public are of the opinion that health care reform has been placed on the "back burner" and that previous efforts to radically reform health care delivery in this country have met with considerable debate, opposition, and a curtailment of any progress. On the contrary, those of us on the "front lines" are keenly aware that despite any declaration of a formal policy, we have in fact reformed and transformed health care in the United States.

Re-engineering, redesign, and rightsizing are just a few of the buzzwords that permeate the health care environment. Managers and directors of respiratory care services are keenly aware of such changes and attempting to position their staffs to provide an expanded scope of service in a variety of alternative settings. The question is whether or not we in the education community are preparing respiratory care graduates that can function in this changing environment. Have we made the essential modifications in our didactic and clinical curricula to meet the needs of today's health care provider?

The purpose of this presentation is to complement the previous three presentations in the symposium by providing the "who, what, where, why, and how" of incorporating newer or innovative offerings into the clinical component of the curriculum. The presentation will touch on JRCRTE accreditation issues but more importantly will address: (1) the provider of the clinical education, (2) the site of the provision of clinical education, (3) the specific techniques and procedures to be provided, (4) the ultimate goals, purpose and objectives, and (5) the methodology to be employed. The primary presenter will provide a general overview of these issues which will be followed by commentary from a panel of previous presenters who will discuss these factors as they pertain to their area of expertise. The brief presentations will culminate with a question and answer session and an opportunity for personal experiences and/or insights from the audience.

Come prepared with your questions as well as your personal experiences.

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