The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

1997 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Telemedicine in Home Care

Nicholas J Macmillan, AGS, RRT, Saturday, December 6, 1997.

Given the continuing pressures to provide health care at reduced costs and with greater efficiency, health care practitioners in all fields have turned to technology. Today's technology allows for the exchange of information, data, images and video using telecommunications networks such as telephone lines, the Internet and the like. The combined use of this technology for health care is "telemedicine".

This presentation will explore the history, applications, benefits, and drawbacks of telemedicine, specifically as they relate to home care. Various telemedicine devices currently available on the market will also be reviewed.

AARC 50th Anniversary, December 6 - 9, 1997, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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