The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

1997 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Acid Based Balance: How It Works and What Can Go Wrong

Robert B. Schoene, MD, Monday, December 8, 1997.

Maintaining a physiologic range of acid base metabolism is critical for cellular function. Regardless of the limitations of range of pH changes, the mammalian body is quite resourceful in compensating for derangements of hydrogen ion.

The purpose of this talk will be to discuss the encountered perturbations of acid base metabolism that the pulmonologist often finds. In this context, the discussion of the renal and respiratory compensation mechanisms will be detailed. Guidelines will be established for recognizing overt and subtle changes in acid base metabolism which may effect drug actions, control of ventilation, and muscle contractility. Furthermore, some subtle alterations in acid base status which may lead to incorrect clinical decisions will be discussed. Additional, lessons from nature will be described which seemingly run counter to usual guidelines. Furthermore, treatment vs. non-treatment for acid base disorders will be discussed.

AARC 50th Anniversary, December 6 - 9, 1997, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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