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1997 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

'Partnering in Health Care'

Karen J. Stewart, BS, RRT, LRT, Sunday, December 7, 1997.

Today's health care environment has every one involved in health care looking for ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency while maintaining quality.

One significant area which impacts providers of health care, is the availability of products and equipment at an affordable price. The manufacturer wants to maintain their part if the market share. With both parties having special needs the opportunity to work as "Partners" exists.

The provider seeks to identify methods and equipment which improves effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining quality. The manufacturer is attempting to meet the needs of the customer and remain the vendor of choice.

The concept of partnership means the provider and the manufacturer are forming an alliance. The contract of such a partnership includes financial or penalty risks for both parties.

There are a number of tools the RCP manager must have to provide direction for this complex contract structure. The manager should: * have a clear understanding of the negotiation process. * understand and evaluate the vendors ability to provide a wide range of services. * be a participant in the contract negotiation. * have the skills for change management.

The sales person for the vendor should: * have a good understanding of today's health care market, particular to the markets they serve. * be knowledgeable about the facilities function and expectations.

When "Partnering" both parties can reach their goals with a win win situation.

AARC 50th Anniversary, December 6 - 9, 1997, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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