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Mario Romano, RCP; Mercy General Hospital, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Sacramento, CA, USA

BACKGROUND: Because most medical facilities do not have MRI compatible ventilators, MRI studies on intubated patients are frequently delayed until the patient is extubated. Although there are mechanical ventilators that are MRI compatible, the cost for purchasing them for MRI use only is impractical, especially in light of the limited number of intubated patients needing an MRI. This paper examines the RespirTech PRO, a single patient use fully automatic resuscitator, and how it functioned during an MRI study in a General Electric 1.5 MRI unit.

Methods: One clinically stable 72-year old male patient in need of an MRI of his head was placed on the automatic resuscitator with extension kit. The patient was set in a control mode of 16 BPM with a ventilating pressure of 25 cm-H2O and a liter flow of 40 LPM at a FiO2 of 100%. The patient was placed in a General Electric 1.5 MRI unit, and the device functioned without incident. No attraction to the magnet was noted. Image artifact was minimal and was limited to the patient tee area, allowing for a clear picture of the head. The patient tolerated ventilation well, and his vital signs are summarized in the graph below.

Results: Patient Vital Signs:

Tx HR BP O2 Sat. FiO2 Set
Pre MRI 85 98 / 51 98% 100%
During MRI 77 102 / 54 96% 100%

DISCUSSION: No significant changes in vital signs or O2 saturation were noted with the use of the automatic resuscitator. The patient appeared to tolerate the procedure with no adverse affects. No attraction to the MRI magnet was noted and artifact was limited to the patient tee area.

Conclusions: The RespirTech PRO can be a safe and cost effective ventilator for use in the MRI room without the need to purchase capital equipment. More experience with the use of this automatic resuscitator in transporting patients to other areas of the hospital can establish it as a safe and cost effective transport.
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