The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2000 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Strategic Business Planning

Judy A. Dye, MA University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona

Today's healthcare managers are finding that business skills are necessary fundamentals of their jobs. Expanding ventures, tighter financial constraints, competition for shrinking capital dollars, and the need to move "quicker and smarter" make strategic business planning even more important.
This presentation will provide you with information on creating a viable business plan for your organization and/or facility. Because managing a hospital department, or any healthcare entity, is as much business as service, it is important for you to have a good grasp on how you can take opportunities from idea conception to implementation to assessment/revision.
Regardless of the size of your proposed project, you need to consider a number of factors, among them: your history and what opportunities you can seize from your strengths and weaknesses; your and the overall business climate; anticipated costs; staff involvement; how you will market your project; and what measures to use to determine your success. Above all else, you need to set goals, both ultimate and intermediate, to instill focus, incentive, and a sense of achievement.
Following this session, you will understand that business planning is an important strategy for success. The next time someone on your staff says, "Why don't we try that?" you will be prepared to determine whether or not you should try "that" by utilizing proven business planning tactics.
Learning Objectives
You will learn to:
? Define strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning
? Use the four plans to develop a business plan
? Identify different business plans
? Determine your target audience and choose the appropriate business plan
? Prepare a business plan, using outlines of components and information for a well-written proposal

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