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2000 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Taking the Mystery Out of Writing a Business Plan

Judy A. Dye, MA University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona

You have a great idea for a new project or service and your boss asks you for a business plan. Now what? Do you know what information to gather, where to find the information, and how to present the details in the best format?
Business planning is experiencing a resurgence in today's healthcare environment. Expanding ventures, tighter financial constraints, competition for shrinking capital dollars and the need to move "quicker and smarter" are driving reasons for an organized plan.
Participants will be exposed to four types of business plans--from a simple one-page proposal to a full-blown comprehensive plan. I will discuss each type, detailing the individual components and suggesting what information needs to be stated in each part of the plan. We will discuss what resources are available and where to turn for data collection.
Attendees will leave with outlines of various formats and actual examples of plans. They will learn to assess their target audience and subsequently choose which format is most appropriate to use.
Learning Objectives
You will learn to:
1. Identify the essential elements of a business plan based on the samples provided
2. Prepare a plan appropriate to your audience, and
3. Find and make use of the resources required to include the right information in your plan.

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