The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2000 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Gender and Diversity Issues in Leadership

Anna W. Parkman, MBA, RRT, CPFT The University of Charleston, Charleston, West Virginia

Much has been published about the demographic shifts expected in the workforce over the next decade. An increased level of concern with diversity issues began in 1987 with the publishing of the Hudson Institute Workforce 2000 Report and this concern continues today. Media reports and Bureau of Labor Statistics publications announce increasing diversity in this country's labor pool. These reports have acted as catalysts for discussion throughout all American industries, with health care being no exception. The American workforce is predicted to have:
? A shrinking labor pool
? An aging workforce
? An increase in the number of women in the workforce
? More minorities in the workforce
What does this mean for the health care industry? How do the organizations, department manager, and individual practitioner respond to the change in demographics? If you are like most, you have done very little to prepare your organization and your employees. This lecture will provide an update of projected demographic shifts within the United States, the health care industry, and respiratory care. Multiple perspectives on gender and diversity will be presented with recommendations for diversity management initiatives. The participant will be encouraged to examine current diversity management practices within his/her current organization in light of material presented here.

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