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2001 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Battery Life of EightPortable Ventilators (PV): Effect of Control Variable, PEEP, and FiO2

Paul N. Austin PhDCRNA (Lt Col USAF), Robert S. Campbell RRT, FAARC, Gina M. Matacia, GaryBans RRT, Richard D. Branson, RRT FAARC, Jay A. Johannigman MD, Fred A. LuchetteMD, Sandra L. Miller MD, Kenneth Davis Jr. Md. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH 45267-0558

Purpose: Portable ventilators(PV) require battery power duing transport or when AC power is available. Manufacturersreport battery life (BL) at nominal vent settings. We designed a bench studyto evaluate the effects of control variable (pressue vs. volume), PEE, and FlO2on BL of eight PVs.

Method: Eight PVs were evaluated:Achieva (Puritan-Bennett), HT-50 (Newport), iVent 201 (VersaMed), LTV 1000 (Pulmonetics),T-Bird and Avian (Bird), and Univent 750 and 754 (Impact). Each PV with a fullycharged battery was set to ventilate a test lung (TTL) at a rate of 10 bp, tidalvolume (Vt) 750 ml, inspiratory time o f1.5 sec with VCV and PCV (if available).FIO2 was set at 0.21 adn 1.0. PEEP was set at 0, k10 and 20 cmH2O. TTL was setto compliance of 20 ml/cmH2O and resistance of 5 cmH2O/L/sec. Five trials witheach PV were performed at each combination of settings. Timeto low battery alarm,attery empty alarm, and failure to ventilate the TTL were recorded. Changesin PV performance during the trial were determined by continous recording ofVt.

Results: Table 1 shows theBL for pneumatically powered PVs at various test conditions.

Table 1 BL in Mins. (Mean ±SD)

VCV, 100%,0 PEEPVCV, 100%,20 PEEP VCV,21%, 0 PEEP
754465±16 435±25291±2


Table 2 shows the BLfor electrically powered PVs at various test conditions

Table 2 BL in Mins. (Mean ±SD)

VCV, 21%,0 PEEPVCV, 21%,20 PEEPPCV, 21%,0 PEEPVCV,100%, 0 PEEP
HT-50 642±38 388±4646±69N/A

iVent 201

57±5 50±955±655±1

LTV 1000



34±419±228±1 29±2

PEEP of 20 cmH2O reduced BL on HT-50(40%), LTV (37%), T-Bird (34%), and Achieva (15%) compared to 0 PEEP.PVC reducedBL on LTV (48%) and T-Bird (18%) compared to VCV FiO2 of 0.21 reduced BL on754 (37%) compared to 1.0. FiO2 of 1.0 reduced BL on LTV (17%) and T-Bird (15%)compared to 0.21. The iVent 201 was unable to deliver the set Vt with PCV and10 of PEEP. Low batery alarms functioned properly on each PV.

Conclusion: BL varies significantlyamong and between PVs. Clinicians myst be aware that BL of PVs is affected bycontrol settings ad PV Characteistics.


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