The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2001 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Cognitive Appraisal, Coping Responses and QOL in Asthmatics

KaoruKonishi, RN, Phd Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience, Tokyo, JAPAN

Background: A casualmodel based on Lazarus‘ (1984) cognitively oriented theory of psychologicalstress and coping was tested in an asthmatic population to determine the effectsof cognitive appraisal of stress, coping responses and QOL. Cognitive Appraisalof Sress (Restrictions, Changes in Situations, Beliefs of Self-Management, Stability,and Estimation by Others) was hpothesized to affect Coping Responses. CopingResponses (Confrontive Coping, Emotive Coping,and Palliative Coping) were hypothesizedto directly affedt QOL

Method: Data from 102 asthmaticoutpatients from one respiratory facility were analyzed using path analysis.An informed consent letter that contained information concering the voluntarynature of the study and the confidentiality of the responses and the questionairewere given to potential subjects at their regular consultations. Cognitive Appraisalof Stress was measured by the Cognitive Appraisal of Stress for RespiratoryCare (CASR) (Konishi, 2000). Coping Responses were measured by the JalowiecCoping Scale (JCS) (Jalowiec, 1988). QOL was measured by the Cantril Life Satisfaction(CLS) (Cantril, 1965)

Results: The path diagramof the model (Figure 1) with its respective coefficients illustrates severalsignificant paths

Conclusion: Findingsindicated that perceived Changes inSituations and Beliefs of Self-Managementwere significantly and negatively related to Confrontive Coping and PalliativeCoping and perceived Stability was significantly and positively related to EmotiveCoping.


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