The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2002 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

SoCAL Regional neonatal respiratory program

Jerry Saldaña, CRT & Wayne Wallace, MBA, RRT
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

BACKGROUND: Kaiser Permanente?s Southern California Region consists of 11 acute care facilities, regional offices, and associated primary clinics. The Department Administrators (DA) and the Assistant Department Administrators (ADA) for Respiratory Care meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of mutual concern. In the summer of 2001, the respiratory care DA?s and ADA?s discussed the increasingly difficult situation in recruiting qualified RCPs with neonatal experience. A decision was made to create an educational program designed to transition existing adult critical care RCPs into state-of- the-art neonatal care.

Methods: A 2-week didactic educational program followed by 60-hour clinical rotation was given to a group of adult critical care RCPs selected based on their professionalism, motivation, staffing needs, and seniority. A post program survey was conducted approximately one month post program completion.

Results: 14 RCPs were initially enrolled, 1 RCP did not successfully pass the final exam, and 1 RCP simply audited the course. 8 RCPs returned the post survey and indicated that they were working regularly in the NICU. 3 DA?s returned the survey and indicated that the RCPs trained by the program were functional NICU RCPs. Anecdotally, both the RCPs and their managers voiced satisfaction with the program.

EXPERIENCE: Socal Regional Respiratory Neonatal Program?s initial program appears to be successful and may be an asset in the struggle to recruit and retain qualified neonatal RCPs. The program has also enhanced communication and rapport between all the facilities.

Conclusions: A regional program was developed and implemented that facilitates the transformation of adult critical care RCPs into neonatal RCPs.


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