The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2002 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Teaching the “Rules of TwoTM” at a One-day Asthma Camp

Cheri A. Duncan, RRT, RCP; Grace Hernandez RRT, RCP; Erika Abmas RRT, RCP; Mark Millard, MD, Baylor Asthma and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Background: Asthma is the leading chronic medical cause of absenteeism in school. Educational intervention can increase the efficacy of disease management. “Rules of Twotm” (RO2) is a paradigm for assessing asthma control and the need for anti-inflammatory therapy. This study describes the outcomes of educating asthmatic school aged children on RO2 during a one-day asthma camp.

Methods: A RRT first presented a 15-minute education session about peak flow monitoring (PFM) and RO2. The children were reminded of these topics throughout the day's activities.

Results: At the end of the camp the children were asked to answer questions regarding RO2, with 82% (41 children) able to answer all questions correctly. Two weeks following camp a telephone survey (32 families contacted) was performed; 18 (56%) recalled RO2 correctly, 21 (66%) were continuing PFM, and 11 (34%) reported new medication prescribed as a result of information learned at camp.

Conclusions: Children can be taught RO2 in a one-day asthma camp with resulting improved knowledge base and upgraded medical management.


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