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2004 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

Pharyngeal oxygen concentrations in normal subjects wearing the hiox80® mask

Richard B. Wettstein, BS, RRT; Jay I. Peters, MD; David C. Shelledy, PhD, RRT; The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas.

Introduction: The non-rebreather mask (NRB) is a commonly used oxygen delivery device for delivering high oxygen concentrations (OC) (55-70%)1. Recently the HiOx80® (VIASYS Healthcare Inc.
Conshohocken, PA) was introduced. The manufacture states the Hi-Ox80 is “the only commercially available disposable oxygen mask capable of delivering >80% oxygen at only 8 liters per minute of oxygen flow.”2 We wished to verify this by measuring the pharyngeal oxygen concentration on human subjects.

Ten healthy subjects were used in the study. Prior to oxygen administration a pharyngeal catheter was placed with the tip resting behind the uvula. Oxygen was then administered at flows of 8, 10, 12, and 15 L/min via the HiOx80 mask. While breathing at a resting level three samples were drawn from the pharynx and analyzed.

: The mean OC and standard deviation are shown below:

Liter flow Mean OC Standard Deviation
8 65.6% 11.9%
10 69.8% 9.9%
12 73.8% 8.5%
15 76.1% 10.7%

The mask was capable of delivering OC in excess of 80%, as on all liter flow settings the upper portion of the range surpassed 80%. However on all liter flow settings the mean was less than 80%. In addition the lower end of the range dipped as low as 33% on the 8 L/min.

Conclusion: When a moderate to high OC is desired the HiOx80 is an alternative that supplies similar OC to the NRB mask.

1. Heuer AJ, Scanlan CL. Medical gas therapy. In: Egan’s fundamentals of respiratory care, 8th ed. St Louis: Mosby; 2003:834

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