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2004 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Kim Adams B.S.CRT, Holli Smith B.S.CRT, Lisa Wright B.S.CRT, Deborah L. Cullen, EdD, RRT, FAARC, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Background: We conducted a blinded placebo-controlled trial to compare the aerosol spray Oxygen Shot™ to that of a water-based placebo, Evian Mineral Water Spray™. Oxygen Shot™ is marketed as oxygenated water. Both aerosol mists were measured to contain 21% oxygen. Our research question was: Will a difference in heart rate, dyspnea or post-exercise improvement be observed between aerobic exercisers utilizing the aerosol mist Oxygen Shot or the placebo?

We randomly selected 27 subjects from our convenience sample of an aerobic exercise class, 12 were given the placebo-Evian Mineral Water Spray™ and 15 were given Oxygen Shot™. Participants were instructed to utilize the aerosol during the class as desired. Each spray was covered so participants could not identify the aerosol. Measures included; heart rate before, during, and after exercise, visual analog scale for dyspnea, and a post-exercise question regarding the rejuvenation properties of the spray. Compliance with IRB policy was followed.

See Table. More participants using Oxygen Shot™ stated that they were refreshed and rejuvenated with less dyspnea. The t-test determined there was not a significant difference between the two groups at the p < .05 level for post-exercise refreshment.

: Aerosol sprays may be equally effective in reducing dyspnea and refreshing exercisers. Only slight differences in heart rate, VAS dyspnea and refreshment were noted. Oxygen Shot™ was perceived as effective as the placebo for refreshment of exercisers. We recommend this pilot study be replicated with more subjects.

Table 1: Oxygenated Aerosol Spray Results‌

  HR Post VAS Refreshed/Rejuvenated
Oxygen Shot 79/143/92 35 73.4
Evian 80/105/102 46 66.7
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