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2005 OPEN FORUM Abstracts

"Leadership is a Matter of the Heart .a Servant's Heart" Stan Holland MS RRT Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Would the Servant Leadership model be a strategic fit for the learning organization?

Data: A six-question likert rating scale survey measured the perceptions of five diverse multigenerational people groups. The survey return rate was sixty seven percent (67%). The people groups reflect the workforce diversity in a learning organization.

Findings: A multidimensional data analysis revealed favorable or slightly favorable ratings eighty four percent (84%) of the time for servant leadership model as a strategic fit for the learning organization.

The contemporary business model is rapidly becoming a learning organization. Environmental scanning of healthcare industry's business drivers indicates tremendous change. The financial, legal, and information technology drivers are having a revolutionary effect on employers and employees. Multiple powerful employer coalitions are leveraging market economic power creating a stealth revolution from the free-market model to consumer driven model-Disease management.

Transforming force(s) mandate a new business model, the learning organization. The learning organization's diverse multiple generation workforces' knowledge becomes a revitalizing force. Organizational knowledge management quickly drives an organizational structure than supports strategy. Strategy captures the innovation, rapid response, and flexibility of empowered followers. These changes mandate a paradigm shift in leadership model and behaviors.

The Servant Leadership model is defined as leadership upside down. The description of upside down describes the traditional organizational structure being inverted because the focus shifts from the leader to the follower. Servant Leadership is successful by creating an intrinsic reward system. The maturation of the leader-follower trust relationship through four stages personal, one-one, team, and organizational exponentially multiples the leader's influence.

Fortune 500 organizations that have successfully adopted the servant leadership model providing best practice models. The organizations are; TD Industries, Southwest Airlines, Dutch Shell Oil, Synovus Financial Corporation, Lowe's Hotels, and the Catholic Church. These organizations represent the six different industries.

The servant leadership model has also been validated by the test of time. It started with Christ, the greatest servant leader of all times.

Conclusion: The servant leadership model is a strategic fit for the learning organization.

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