The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2008 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Carl R. Hinkson1, Nirpalinder Kaur1, Michael W. Sipes1, David J. Pierson1

Background: Journal clubs (JC) have been used extensively by physician groups and the nursing profession as a forum for learning and staying abreast of current research. The Respiratory Care department at Harborview Medical Center implemented a journal club in early 2005 for these purposes. Attendance was open to any respiratory therapists in the community who wanted to attend. Information about the JC was available on the state society website and departmental website. Articles and presenters were selected by JC coordinator and articles were made available beforehand. During the meeting articles were summarized by the presenter and then discussed with the group. Unfortunately, attendance has generally been poor despite multiple changes in venue, date, and time. The state of Washington requires respiratory therapists to obtain 30 continuing education credits every two years to maintain a current license; 10 of those credits must be AARCs Continuing Respiratory Care Education credits (CRCE). We tested the hypothesis that offering 2 CRCEs for every JC meeting would increase attendance.

Methods: To test this hypothesis the JC meetings were held on Mondays at the same times at staff members homes for the pre and post periods. Advertising for the JC was the same for both pre-CRCE and post-CRCE via email, flyers, and internet posting. Attendance was taken at each meeting by the journal club coordinator. The pre-CRCE period occurred from 12/6/06 through 7/23/07 and the post CRCE period occurred from 9/17/07 through 4/21/08. Attendance for the pre-CRCE and post-CRCE is presented as range (mean ± standard deviation) and was analyzed using a right-tailed student's t-test; a p value < 0.05 was considered significant.

Results: Journal Club attendance improved after 2 CRCEs were offered for attending each session. Pre-CRCE attendance ranged from 5-8 people per meeting (5.67 ± 1.21) and post-CRCE attendance ranged from 7-10 persons/meeting (7.80 ± 1.17, p < 0.01).

Conclusion: Offering CRCE credits for qualifying departmental educational activities such as a journal club can increase staff participation.