The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2008 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Gina Giles-Oas1, Herb French1, Richard Ford1

Background: Appropriate staffing is important in order to insure quality respiratory care can be provided. Determining how many work units to assign at the start of shift requires an understanding of changes in workload likely to occur during the shift as a result of new starts, discontinued treatments, rapid response, number of PRNs performed and other unscheduled events. While difficult to predict, daily trends in work units assigned and work units performed provide a factor that can be applied in assigning work. We elected to determine this factor and refine the RCP work assignment process to incorporate this change.

Methods: Using the Clinivision Respiratory Care Information System (Puritan Bennett, Boulder CO) a series of custom reports were designed to provide work units assigned and work units performed. Work units were derived from a count of procedures and use of procedure specific time standards using the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual. Work units were reported in minutes. Data reflecting the total units assigned and performed was collected for 12 hour day shift over a one month time period and summarized.

Results: The daily average work units assigned was 4442.27 minutes versus the daily work units performed of 5693.86 minutes, reflecting a 28.17% increase on work done versus work assigned.

Discussion: UCSD has used this general methodology since using Clinivision in 1993 and able to generally predict the actual amount of work that will be performed based on the work assigned. This reassessment was done as the environment and mix of interventions and volume of services had changed. Incorporation of this new factor will improve our ability to continue to provide quality services while also achieving productivity targets. We will continue to assess this data over a 90 day period and determine if there is a different factor we should apply for other shifts or specific work areas.