The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2009 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Michael J. MacAulay, Amy Denniston, Brian Rothermel; Respiratory Care, St Joseph Hospital, Bellingham, WA

Introduction: Many hospitals have successfully decreased ventilator length of stay with daily checklists or bundles. These bundles required small amounts of time and reminded us to complete simple evidence based steps in patient care. We wanted to use the same idea when transporting intubated patients after we noticed many intubated patients being transported without the head of the bed (HOB) elevated. Method: In January 2009, we started a ventilator transport bundle with the goal of preventing aspiration; we also added some questions to ensure adequate oxygen supply and emergency equipment. Respiratory Therapists (RTs) need to complete sections of the bundle before moving the patient from their room, before leaving the procedure room, and upon returning to their room. After a transport, the bundles are submitted and the data is compiled monthly. We have been using this bundle for 5 months and completed it on 84 patients. Results: Before we implemented the transport bundle, we gave a questionnaire to our staff (23 of 37 responded). We compared these results each month to the bundles that were submitted. Some of the questions and results are below. Conclusion: Completing a checklist or bundle when transporting intubated patients has significantly improved our standards of care for preventing micro aspiration and ensuring we have enough oxygen and resuscitation equipment. Sponsored Research - None

At the end of the 5th month, the bundles showed a 93% – 94% completion rate for similar questions during transports and at the end of patient transports.

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