The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Elsie Collado-Koman, Herb French, Fernando Gonzalez, Jan Phillips-Clar, Rick Ford; UC San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, CA

BACKGROUND: UCSD conducts an annual Skills Fair (SF) in order to assist in assuring staff competency. In planning for this year’s SF the organizing committee determined that over 150 pages of printed materials and associated checklists would be needed for each of the 85 attendees. An objective of the committee was to provide the SF at an economic savings and reduced environmental impact, while increasing the accessibility of the materials for staff. METHOD: We sought to facilitate supportive materials by creating a “Skills Fair” section in our department’s website. This series of pages and electronic documents included a course description, information on location and parking, frequently asked questions, and reference materials. We also posted questions and answers, setup instructions, and clinical scenarios for each of the competencies presented during the SF. Following the SF a survey was conducted to assess staff opinion of these electronic materials. RESULTS: Of the 84 staff members attending the event 75% rated this year’s facilitation of SF even better than previous years. After reviewing the material online, prior to the SF, staff asked if it would remain on line for future reference. We added this as a question on the survey and 100% of the attendees agreed they would like it to remain online for future reference. In addition to no waste, approximately $600 in printing expenses was avoided. CONCLUSION: The online posting of preparation materials for our SF event proved to be the preferred method of accessing materials over the provision of printed booklets. This process also saved the department money in printed materials, gave staff ongoing resource materials, and emphasized our department’s dedication to help save environmental resources. Sponsored Research - None