The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Richard P. Bennett; Respiratory Care, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Madhu Sasidhar, M.D., Richard P. Bennett, B.S., R.R.T., Russ Crooks, R.R.T. - Respiratory Care Services Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio Background: To provide more hands on time for lead dayshift Respiratory Therapist to wean patients off mechanical ventilation. Our goal in changing administration times of aerosolized antibiotics was to reduce a time consuming task and start daily patient weaning earlier. Methods: We selected 20 patients; 10 patients immediately prior to change and 10 patients directly after change in administration times. All patients selected were post op bilateral lung transplant patients on at least 1 aerosolized antibiotic (Amphoterican B, Colistin, or Tobramycin) BID. All patients were yet to be weaned off mechanical ventilation. Results: Patients, in the prior to change group, recieved their aerosolized antibiotics between 0730 to 0800 hours. These patients averaged 53 days in the RESCU unit before discharge. The patients, in the after change group, recieved their aerosolized antibiotics between 0400 to 0430 hours. These patients averaged 26 days before discharge from the RESCU unit. Conclusion: Earlier start in weaning patients off mechanical ventilation by reducing time consuming tasks cut patient length of stay by 50%. Overall results have increased both patient and practitioner satisfaction. Earlier treatment times along with earlier start to wean times reduced overall costs to both patient and hospital. Sponsored Research - None