The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Cynthia C. White, Abby Motz, Tonie Perez, Carmen Williams, Tracey Neff, Susan Allgeier; Cincinatti Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Cincinatti, OH

The majority of RT’s have been exposed to little formal education focused on research and the evidence based process(EBP). A process has been established at CCHMC for forming a clinical question, searching and critically appraising the literature, synthesizing the literature, and implementing and evaluating a practice recommendation based on those findings. In 2009,the RT Professional Inquiry (PI) council went through evidence training with one of the Center for Professional Excellence(CPE), EBP mentors to complete their first EBP project. The group formed a clinical question,and systematically searched the literature. The council completed a literature review, and the critical appraisal process. Articles deemed applicable were placed into a summary table. Council members learned how to grade the evidence,write a summary of their findings,and establish a best practice recommendation based on the evidence found. Method: A 5 question survey was developed to evaluate new knowledge gained by each council member. The survey evaluated new skills and confidence gained from the EBM process.Results: 100% survey return rate was achieved with survey completion. 100% of members felt the EBM systematic process was helpful in the enhancing their individual knowledge of evidence based practice. 100%of members now feel they able to independently conduct a literature search within the CCHMC system. 83% reported being able to teach others in their unit how to search the literature. The remaining 16% felt they could do this to a degree and know where their resources are. 100% of respondents are able to identify good quality research after learning the institutional critical appraisal process. 100% correctly identified a Randomized Controlled Trial(RCT) as the highest quality evidence for a single study design. Discussion: The RT PI council at CCHMC achieved improved understanding of the EBM process through education and work on a EBM project in 2009. Advancement of this knowledge enables RRT’s to be able to converse and interact with physicians and other health professionals regarding topics relating to evidence based medicine and practice. Respiratory Therapy will now have an established area for publishing best practice statements on the CPE evidence based website. Sponsored Research - None