The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Jan E. Phillips-Clar, Richard Ford, Scarlett Gudmundsson, Ted Vallejos, Tom Bell, Marcia Teal; Respiratory Care, UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA

Background: The Department of Respiratory Care at UCSD Medical Center is managed as one department, but practices at two sites. Our leadership team is continually searching for tools to improve staff satisfaction. Prior to having a software scheduling system, four separate paper schedules were utilized for RCPs and support staff. As a result, we were continually faced with breakdowns in communication; errors submitted on the schedule with no way to track who entered them; staff showing up at the wrong location or not at all; dissatisfaction with individuals floating between locations and animosity developing between sites. Methods: A set of desirable characteristics for scheduling software was developed and a team formed to evaluated features, capabilities and costs. A software provider was selected and the system configured to meet the unique needs of the department and correlate with the hospital’s timekeeping system. Multiple schedules were set up under the same system. Explanations were predefined to identify each employee’s location or activity. Filters and reports were developed for staffing needs; utilization of vacation and requested time off; and to monitor occurrences for sick calls and unplanned absences. Any changes, such as additions or cancellations are entered into the system and show up instantly. A staffing report is then printed at the beginning of each shift which reflects real time data. Results: Schedule Anywhere was implemented in July of 2009. We have noted overall staff and leadership satisfaction and improved communication between sites. Conclusions: Schedule Anywhere adds transparency for all users and enables employees to view their schedules from any PC. Leadership has the ability to view activity at either site at any time. Timekeeping has been simplified and errors are now minimal. Schedule Anywhere provides an easy way to rotate and cancel employees on a fair and equitable basis. By implementing this software program, there has been a reduction in overtime, clarity of staff knowing where to begin their shift and insurance that staff are not canceled below their appointed percentage. Sponsored Research - None