The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Jan E. Phillips-Clar, Richard Ford, Herb French; Respiratory Care, UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA

Background: Respiratory Care at UCSD Medical Center is managed as one department, but practices at two sites. The leadership team consists of 18 individuals. One third of our team has held their positions less than 6 months. We were challenged to insure continuity existed for every interaction leadership had with staff regardless of location, shift, or supervisor experience. Throughout the workday there are several documents for reference and training that needed to be made available to leaders 24/7. Providing these resources through a printed “supervisors” manual proved to be difficult to always access, keep current, and represented a significant expense. We elected to explore loading and organizing files on a separate computer hard drive (Q-Drive) and establishing File sharing processes and rules to access this information. Methods: A 700 GB partition was established on a designated Medical Center drive and access established for all members of the RC leadership team. Shared folders were created for specific managerial categories such as HR/personnel; IS; Hiring; PDPs and Policies and Procedures; QA; and exclusive functions that were utilized by all members of our RC Leadership Team. Access rights were designated for each area. The RC Leadership area contains everything needed for management of personnel to training materials; education; contacts; and all forms needed to run department functions. Security was set up to allow only authorized access and the database set to be backed up every 24 hours. Results: Within the first 3 months over 400 GB of data, consisting of over 5000 separate files was included on the Q-Drive. Supervisors demonstrated they could easily navigate the organization of the shared folders and access resource documents whenever needed. The drive files also were set up for live meeting minutes and action plans and additional uses evolving each day. Documents are current and being constantly updated and made available. If an individual is absent or leaves the position all together, work can continue as others can access the files and continue where the work last stopped. Conclusions: Distance between sites and hours worked can no longer be an obstacle for accessing current information or acquiring tools needed to complete the job. The Q-Drive has allowed the work of our entire management team to come together as one. By implementing this process, we have improved the overall managerial function of the department. Sponsored Research - None