The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Scott M. Pettinichi, Brandy Seger, Ed Conway, Rick Amato, Tammy Byrd, Tom Cahill, Chuck Grone, Jenni L. Raake; Respiratory Care, Cincinnati ChildrenÂ’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

Background: Cincinnati ChildrenÂ’s Hospital Medical Center is a 475 bed medical center with 12 clinical areas served by 198 Respiratory Therapists (165 FTE). Providing consistency in our clinical education has been a challenge for our division. Our management team had the responsibility for conducting staff education which caused issues with their overall workload and job satisfaction. A new staff education model was developed that utilized clinical experts from each of the 12 clinical areas. Positions were filled by a clinically advanced therapist from each clinical area. The clinical expert was given 8 hours of education time each week to serve the educational needs of their clinical area. We surveyed the staff to determine their overall satisfaction and level of effectiveness of the new process as compared to our old education model. Methods: Utilizing survey monkey, we distributed a questionnaire to our staff. The questionnaire asked staff to rate their satisfaction and level of effectiveness of our new staff education model as compared with our old education model. Results: Response rate was 24% (n=47). Responses were tabulated using a Likert Scale. An increase in job satisfaction and workload was reported by 70% of respondents. 81 % reported improvement in timeliness of educational information. 79% reported improvement in the quality of our educational program. 72% of RTs reported improvement in the consistency of practice. The staff reported an 81% improvement in the roll out of new education, and an 83% improvement in educational content. Conclusions: Based on our results, the there was overall improvement in staff satisfaction and level of effectiveness utilizing the new staff education model. Utilization of clinical experts to serve the educational needs of a clinical area has proven itself to be beneficial. Sponsored Research - None