The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2010 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Elsie Collado-Koman, Herb French, Fernando Gonzalez, Rick Ford; UC San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, CA

BACKGROUND: In training new employees and students, we utilize a preceptor model in which staff, with specialized interest and training is assigned as instructors. Students may be assigned to different preceptors each day and this creates challenges in tracking progress and communicating areas that the student/new employee may need improvement. We identified the need for improving communication among preceptors. We sought to create a system of continuity that was real time, and provided access to individual’s performance by any preceptor 24/7. METHOD: We conducted a series of meetings seeking input from staff and existing preceptors. Results indicated a web based tool should be considered. We then determined what content and features of the preceptor’s webpage were required. Microsoft SharePoint was identified as a web platform that could support these needs. We developed the site and initiated it as a tool for preceptors. After initial implementation the site was refined to meet the preceptors’ recommendations and needs. A survey was developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the final tool. RESULTS: The Sharepoint website included forms to facilitate the preceptor’s documentation of each orientee’s progress, for the identification of weak areas, as well as in the setting of daily goals. Performance assessment and areas needing improvement were made available online, enabling the next preceptor to know what areas needed to be reinforced. In addition the student competency check-off sheets were posted on line for all the preceptors to reference. The survey taken by preceptors after using the site indicated that the online process improved all aspects of preceptorship documentation. CONCLUSION: Our intent was to develop a system to improve communication with both the orientees and fellow preceptors, enabling them to solve issues faster, and more effectively. Using this tool provides us with an improved communication experience, and a much stronger evaluation of new employees and students. This also enhances their growth and success in the profession. Sponsored Research - None