The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Rory A. Mullin; Respiratory Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH IMPROVED COMPLIANCE OF DEPARTMENTAL COMPETENCIES THROUGH INTERNET IMPLEMENTATION Rory Mullin, BS, RRT. Department of Respiratory Therapy, Respiratory Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

BACKGROUND: In the past few years, our respiratory department has seen unprecedented growth in staff size and geographic coverage. A problem noted in previous years has been a method of ensuring staff compliance with annual competencies with paper forms. Traditionally, we had utilized a paper system, relying on the individual practitioner to provide proof of competency by printing forms, completing the competency, and returning the form to a supervisor. As the department grew, however, this process became unmanageable. The purpose of this project was to centralize all competency data while maintaining easy accessibility for management and staff. METHOD: This process involved inputting each competency form into an online survey system, SelectSurvey.NET (Atomic Design, LLC, Overland Park, KS). The staff was then required to click a link to the online form after completing a competency and complete the online form. The forms were collected on the online database. A monthly update into a spreadsheet allowed for completion assessment by management. RESULTS: On average, competency completion increased 14.56% over 1 year. Every competency saw an increase in completion between 2009 and 2010. CONCLUSIONS: Increased competency compliance was clearly a result of this online implementation. Staff no longer relied on out-dated paper forms or word of mouth to determine which competencies must be completed. Also, online forms could not be lost, a problem often seen with the previous system. Since the online forms presented a centralized and automated system, the burden of maintaining the paper system was taken off both the staff and management. A process is now in place to begin placing all departmental compliance forms online to remove the paper problem from the department. Sponsored Research - None
Example of first page of a competency from online system.