The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Jan E. Phillips-Clar, Garner Faulkner, Gina Giles-Oas, Richard Ford, Trista Kallis; Respiratory Care, UCSD Medical Center, La Jolla, CA

Objective: When a position becomes available at UCSD, as many as 300 applicants are received. This is due to six Respiratory Care programs within the region graduating over 150 students, a highly competitive local climate, and the economic conditions that traditionally increase public interest in careers within the health care field. The direct cost of hiring and orientating a new Respiratory Care Practitioner at UCSD is approximately $23,000. The expense of training and orientation, as well as the time and energy associated with the hiring/termination process, make it imperative that candidates with the highest potential to succeed are selected. We describe a process in place that has demonstrated success. Methods: In 2010, a team was formed to revisit processes and to develop a systematic approach that would provide reliable results and assure we selected the best candidates possible. Interview questions were redesigned to help identify characteristics that were best aligned with UCSD core values as well as questions that assess critical thinking skills. Pre screening interviews were incorporated to help identify issues that where problematic areas in the past. The hiring committee was expanded to twenty members inclusive of both staff and leadership. All committee members are given an opportunity to prescreen and select the best qualified candidates to be interviewed. Six to seven committee members participate on the interview panel and through discussion reach consensus on employee selection. Results: Since the revision of our hiring committee processes, we have been able to maintain a 90% employee retention rate with new hires which is up from 65% prior to its implementation. Our questionnaire and prescreening interview has proven to identify problematic areas before hiring the potential applicant. By identifying key questions that focused on UCSD core values and creating in depth questions that distinguished critical thinking skills, new candidates have transitioned with ease. Conclusions: The refined approach has helped to minimize the risk of making a poor decision and improved retention of new hires. We have a 100% satisfaction rate among members of our hiring committee regarding the changes that have taken place. We have also noted a general overall improvement in staff satisfaction due to the candidates that have been selected. Sponsored Research - None