The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Hui-Ling Lin, Li-Ting Chao, En-Rong Chao; Respiratory Therapy, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Aerosol therapy with jet nebulizer has been used widely to delivery drugs for the management of the respiratory diseases, in both adults and children. Jet nebulizers are manufacture with differences between various brands and models. Objective: The purpose of this study was to demonstrate in vitro inhaled drug mass and aerosol depositions of Salbutamol from various jet nebulizers presently marketed in Taiwan. Methods: The inhaled mass of salbutamol (mass on the inhalation filter) was collected using a breathing simulator (ALS5000, IngMar Medical) that mimicked the breathing patterns of an adult. Ten nebulizers were tested (Galemed Corp. (A,B), Deepsound Corp. (C-F), Pacific Medical Supply Corp. (G), Headstar Medial Corp. (H), Besmed Corp. (I), Dadsun Corp. (J)). Each nebulizer was charged with 1 vial (2.5 mL/5.0 mg) of salbutamol inhalation suspension in 4 mL diluent and run until sputtering sound (n= 5). Inhaled drug was eluted from the filters, T-piece, reservoir tube, and the nebulizer and analyzed with a spectrophotometer (Hitachi Crop) at 276 nm. Statistical analyses were performed for inspiratory filters and reservoir with one-way ANOVA and for nebulization time, drug depositions of dead volume, T-piece, expiratory filter with Kruskal Wallis test and Mann-Whitney U test, p < 0.05 as significant. Results: The table shows time (in seconds) and deposition as percent (mean ± SD & median (range)) of unit-dose of salbutamol on nebulizer reservoir, inspiratory filter, T-piece, reservoir tube, expiratory filter, and the total drug mass. Conclusion: Nebulizers perform differently with wide range (6 – 14%) of available inhaled drug dose. Factors influencing nebulizer performance include the size of the baffle, the design of the T-piece, and the angle of the plastic capillary tube and siphon for drawing the medication. Sponsored Research - None

Comparison of nebulization time (s) and drug deposition (%)