The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Tanya Scholl, Scott Pettinichi, Jerry Edens, Cynthia White; Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

Introduction: Staff engagement in your key department functions is critical to overall staff satisfaction and ensuring effective operations. At Cincinnati Children's Hospital we employ a staff empowerment model that relies on clinical staff to make decisions regarding staff education, practice and research. We work within a structure that was developed to guide all shared governance activities throughout the medical center. We developed Chair responsibilities, staff eligibility and responsibilities, meeting guidelines, and leadership responsibilities. A survey was developed to assess staff satisfaction in a number of key department functions including staff opportunities to be involved in decisions that affect their work and their opportunities to be involved in shared governance. Methods: An anonymous staff satisfaction survey was sent to all Respiratory Therapists in the Division via Survey Monkey. The survey included 3 questions that were utilized to assess perceptions of Respiratory Therapists'involvement in overall divisional decision making, and opportunities to be involved in shared governance. A Likert scale was used for staff responses. Percentages were calculated in Survey Monkey for each survey question. Results: 54% of the division staff responded to the survey. See chart for results. Conclusion: Overall, survey responses were positive, but there is room for improvement to allow for staff involvement. The next phase in creating a successful shared governance structure involves evaluation of staff time allocation for completion of council projects. The development of an effective staff empowerment model can increase staff satisfaction with their overall involvement in key decision making structures within the department.
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