The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Kenneth Mill, Steve Pyne, Linda Cornman, Lutz Angela; LVHN, Allentown, PA

Maintaining State License is a mandatory requirement to maintain job employment. The accumulation of thirty continuing educational credits (CEUs) is mandatory for respiratory practitioner licensure renewal in the State of Pennsylvania. There are many avenues to obtain CEUs to meet this state requirement. Journal Clubs are historically utilized to help enhance learning about current practices, review evidence-base outcomes, and facilitate knowledge on how to critically examine study designs and outcomes. To aid our staff to meet the state requirements we developed an internal journal club. Practitioners attending the schedule meetings were able to garner continuing respiratory care educational credits (CRCEs) form the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC). The club was open to all internal practitioners, physicians, and rotating respiratory students. The Respiratory Care Journal Club meets monthly and during the meeting, two club members present current RC Journal Articles for review and discussion. Two weeks prior to the meeting, articles that are to be reviewed, are distributed to all committee members. Each article is reviewed and discussed for thirty-minutes. Each member receives one CRCE unit for attending the meeting. An article summary sheet, along with meeting minutes is disseminated to absent committee members for review. Prior to obtaining CRCE credits for the journal club, the majority of practitioners obtained a large percentage of their educational credits from external offerings. Post CRCE implementation over fifty-percent of the CRCEs obtained by staff was from internal offerings via the journal club and other educational venues. Other positive impacts noted from these monthly meetings were improved staff satisfaction, enhanced job performance, and changes of current practice to reflect evidence based literature. Implementation of a Respiratory Care Journal Club has not only help staff fulfill state license requirements, but also has fostered an educational atmosphere within our department. Sponsored Research - None