The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Yunige Park, David Chang; University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Background: Children and parents who have received asthma education experience hospital re-admissions due to asthma. This study was done to determine the relationship between asthma education and repeated hospitalization due to asthma. Method: A 10-question survey was developed using information in a published study. Participants of the study included patients admitted to a hospital with a diagnosis of asthma from January to March of 2011. The survey asked for the number of re-admissions due to asthma and if the patient or guardians received asthma education upon the initial admission. Pertinent information on knowledge of asthma management was gathered from the surveys. The patients or caregivers were also asked to answer the following questions: characteristics of asthma education, asthma triggers, locations of taking the medication, knowledge of type and frequency of medication, and questions about the proper use of MDI. Results: Age of patients ranged from 24 months to 18 years old. Of the 17 completed surveys, 12 received asthma education (AE) and 5 did not receive asthma education (non-AE) on their initial admission to the hospital. AE was provided by physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists (RTs). RTs provided 53% of the AE to the patients among all three healthcare providers. All participants were knowledgeable about their asthma triggers and the place where they take asthma medications. Most of the patients identified cold weather, pollens, and dust as their asthma trigger. Three of the five (60%) non-AE participants and six of the 12 (50%) AE participants did not know the name and type of their medications. Data showed that approximately half of all participants did not know their medication information. There were 5 questions on the use of MDI. One non-AE (20%) participant and 5 AE (41%) participants correctly answered all questions. Discussion/Conclusions: The results in this study indicate that patients with AE were admitted to the hospital more often than patients with non-AE. This finding confirms the results of one published study. These findings suggest that further work is required to establish the efficacy and appropriateness of the treatment guidelines provided to asthmatic children and their parents. Although RTs provided 53% of AE to the patients among healthcare providers, RTs should be more involved in providing AE to children with asthma.
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Number of re-admissions due to asthma