The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Travis W. Collins1, Debra Lierl2, Terri Premo3; 1Respiratory Care, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Ft. Thomas, KY; 2Respiratory Care, Cincinnati State, Cincinnati, OH; 3College Allied Health Sciences, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

BACKGROUND:Many advanced positions in RC are in management, education, sales, & research. While most advanced degrees in business offer some management training, for many higher level positions leadership training has become increasingly demanded by today's employers. When it comes to change, good leadership requires an understanding of the importance of perception & how it influences people's attitudes & behaviors. Leaders need to find ways of connecting with the heart & not just the head (Aaron & Nelson, 2008). Being an effective leader in RC requires someone to possess a high level of emotional intelligence & innovative thinking. The focus of this project was to survey therapists both locally & nationally to determine the leadership potential, interest, & coursework curriculum requests within the community. METHODS:A 10 question survey was distributed electronically through Question Pro TM. The survey link went out via email request through a Tri-State RC Leadership email distribution list & an email distribution list on the management section of the AARC. RESULTS: There were 44 local & 187 national respondents. 67.86% locally& 34% nationally of those have 20+ years of experience in RC. An associate's degree was the most common highest level of education at 53.57%. Traditional management made up 50%, educator was 31.25%, & clinically advanced therapists made up 18.75% of the survey group. Only 14% didn't feel that an on-line degree would be as effective as traditional classroom degrees. 67.7% ranked management training the most important for advanced coursework for respiratory professionals. Of the 5 different management coursework recommendations, leadership skills, was ranked as most important by 59.35% of respondents. 61.54% of the respondents stated that advanced education would make them a more effective leader. 57.50% ranked credibility of the program more important than curriculum, price, &/or admission criteria. CONCLUSION: Data support that therapists desire advanced education & a majority feel it would make them a more effective leader. Management training is the most desired coursework type & leadership training was the most valued management skill desired. When selecting an on-line program credibility is more important than price, curriculum, &/or admission criteria. When developing a RC educational program it may be beneficial to give consideration to these findings to help design a successful program.
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Ranked Order of Importance (1-5) Most Useful Management Training for RC