The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Samson Tesfaye, Peter Saunders, Dominika Kaminska, Cecily Defreitas, Maria Madden; University of Maryland Medcial Center/Shock Trauma, Baltimore, MD

BACKGROUND The Select Trauma Intensive Care Unit at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center recently implemented an electronic input/output charting system (I-View®). I-View® is a device interface (e.g. patient monitor, mechanical ventilator, etc.) that allows the bedside clinician to upload data electronically that would normally be captured on a paper flow sheet. In the past both the respiratory therapist (RT) and registered nurse (RN) would document ventilator setting on their respected flow sheet. Prior to implementing it was decided that the RT would be solely responsible for the uploading of mechanical ventilator data which raised concerns about the RT/RN collaboration in the ICU. METHOD Prior to implementing I-View a collaboration/satisfaction survey was developed. Those who participated in the survey were asked to rate "how beneficial is the RT/RN collaboration to patient care" and "how satisfied are you currently with the RT/RN collaboration". A Likerd scale ranging from 0 to 3 (0 = Not Beneficial / Satisfied, 1 = Somewhat Beneficial / Satisfied, 2 = Beneficial / Satisfied, 3 = Very Beneficial / Very Satisfied) was used to rate clinician responses. RESULTS Pre implementation survey showed that 66.7% felt that RT/RN collaboration was very beneficial to patient care but only 12.5% were currently very satisfied with the collaboration. Six months post implementation the same survey was conducted revealing a significant increase with both the very beneficial (88.5%) and very satisfied (42.3%) categories. Both the pre and post survey had a 0% response of not beneficial, not satisfied. CONCLUSIONS In all cases, the respondents felt that post-practice change not only was the idea of RT/RN collaboration important, but that the actual collaboration between the healthcare providers had improved. Though the system is still in it's infancy, I-View has shown its'worth in job satisfaction and accuracy.
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How beneficial is the RT/RN Collaboration to patient care/How satisfied are you currently with the RT/RN collaboration