The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2011 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Elsie M. Collado-Koman1, Donna Murphy2; 1Respiratory Care, UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA; 2Respiratory Care, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, CA

INTRODUCTION: Preceptors serve as role models and instructors for newly hired employee. They often have specialized training to prepare them for this role in addition to having a strong desire to mentor others. In order to gain greater insight on how best to motivate preceptors and improve our program we surveyed this group. With data from two separate surveys we are able to report the impact of program refinements in preceptor opinions. METHOD: We conducted like surveys in 2006 and 2011, Participants were asked to score each question as follows using a 1-3 scale: 1 Strongly Influenced, 2 Some Influence, and 3 No Influence. The percentage of "strongly influence" were calculated for each question for both periods. DISCUSSION: Preceptor's realizing the impact of their participation in department operations acconts for the highest percentage increase of 26%. A 22% increase in response was observed in the areas of performance appraisal, seeking more knowledge, and interacting with other disciplines. Strong influence was also observed in those areas related to exploring professional organizations and inquiring about an advanced degree . CONCLUSION: The data reflects a positive trendin perception in all areas associated with the precepting activity. These data support the positive impact of ongoing support and investment in the preceptor program. We also demonstrate that staff value being more engaged in department activities and the benefits of collaboration that result from precepting. Sponsored Research - None