The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2012 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Jared B. Rice, Chad Weagraff, Timothy Myers; Pediatric Respiratory Care, University Hospitals - Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Background:The Sensormedics 3100A High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator utilizes a low compliance circuit to effectively deliver small tidal volumes for patients < 35 kilograms. Control of oxygenation and ventilation is managed by adjusting the mean airway pressure (MAP) and delta pressure (ΔP). The 3100A circuit (Carefusion) can present challenges when trying to properly position the patient due to its rigidity. A Pediatric Omni-Flex connector (Carefusion, Yorba Linda, CA) adds additional dead space with the connector closed, opened, or bent at a 90 degree angle; but allows a degree of flexibility for circuit/patient interface. The purpose of this study was to determine if the additional dead space has an effect on the delivered MAP and ΔP. Methods:A 38 inch Flexible Patient Circuit (Carefusion:Yorba Linda, CA) was attached to a SensorMedics 3100A HFOV system calibrated and connected to an Ingmar Neonatal Demonstration Lung Model (Ingmar Medical, Pittsburgh, PA) with a compliance of 2 mL/cm H20 with the following settings: bias flow 20 lpm, power 3, Hz 12, and MAP 15 cm H2O. MAP and ?P were measured proximal and distal to the Omni-Flex connector utilizing the airway pressure line and pressure transducer of the 3100A. MAP and ΔP data was collected under three conditions: (1) without Omni-flex; (2) with Omni-flex in line, opened with a linear placement; and (3) Omni-flex opened and bent at a right angle. Paired t tests were used to compare pressure differences using no adaptor versus adding the Omniflex in two positions with a statistical significance set at p < 0.05. Results: There was no significant difference in proximal or distal ΔP or MAP when adding an Omni-Flex adaptor or if adaptor was opened in a linear position or at a right angle compared to a circuit without an Omni-flex adaptor. MAP and ΔP data are represented by mean values with standard deviations and displayed in the table below: Conclusions: The addition of an Omni-flex adaptor has no significant impact on measured MAP or ?P pressure and can be utilized for optimal patient/circuit interface when necessary. Sponsored Research - None Mean Pressure (SD) cm H20