The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2012 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Donald A. Pearman, Richard M. Ford, Garner G. Faulkner, Elsie M. Collado-Koman, Herbert French, John Newhart; Respiratory, UC San Diego Hospital, San Diego, CA

BACKGROUND: UC San Diego Hospital employs over 120 Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) across two sites. We continually introduce new technology and related policy. This creates a challenge in ensuring all RCPs have the resources needed when setting up and managing equipment. Our Clinical Specialists serves as a primary resource for RCPs. In their absence; we encounter situations in which staff may not have immediate access to instructional references. We investigated staff preferences regarding the type of reference systems we should have on-hand, designed a system, and reassessed if the program was being used. METHOD: An initial survey was distributed to RCPs to assess the need for additional resources should the Clinical Specialist be unavailable. The survey also asked what modalities and equipment the RCPs needed help in setting up and managing. Based on this survey, we developed a web based instructional program on topics requested by staff. This program, along with a web hit counter, was placed on the UC San Diego Respiratory Care web site so the program could be accessed through clinical workstations at the point of care. After a 90 day period, a repeat survey was sent to the RCP staff asking if they had used the site as a resource. RESULTS: The survey indicated there had been times when RCPs needed information on how to manage or setup equipment and 43% responded there had been a time when there was no resource immediately available. The repeat survey showed that 94% of the responding RCPs had used the site. The web hit counter also revealed that the info site had been accessed 1300 times over a 10 month period. CONCLUSIONS: The survey results indicate there was a need for additional resources for the RCPs in the absence of the Clinical Specialist. The repeat survey and the large number of hits on the web hit counter demonstrated RCPs see a value in the site being immediately available. Point of Care web based programs are an option to consider as a technical reference for RC staff. Sponsored Research - None