The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2012 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Elsie Collado-Koman1, Donna Murphy2; 1Respiratory Care, UC San Diego Health Care System, San Diego, CA; 2Respiratory Care, Sharp Healthcare, Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, CA

INTRODUCTION: As experienced clinicians preceptors serve as role model during and after the new hire orientation process and are of critical importance in the education and socialization process. With the knowledge acquired during orientation the new hire becomes empowered to make decisions and take action to benefit patient care. In our institutions new preceptors are required to attend initial training where they are introduced to the various roles and responsibilities. We were interested in finding if our preceptor training program was of value in preparing clinicians for this role. METHOD: We conducted a survey at two San Diego hospitals. A total of 128 individuals were asked to indicate their level of comfort in six areas using a rating scale of; 1 Not Comfortable, 2 Comfortable, and 3 Very Comfortable. Percentages of responses in level were compared. RESULTS: DISCUSSION: The data reflects a variation in preceptors comfort level with their various roles and responsibilities. Regarding communications, evaluation, facilitating, and critical thinking less than 20% indicated they were not comfortable. Lesson mapping appears to be the area with the greatest opportunity for improvement where 42% of preceptors do not feel comfortable. CONCLUSION: This information provides good guidance in deciding where to focus education and training. Future training programs will provide additional focus on both conflict resolution and lesson mapping. Although a similar survey was not conducted prior to preceptor training, we can assess that the majority of preceptor feel capable regarding these key skills that are part of training curriculum. We will continue to use surveys as a tool to refine and improve preceptor comfort with this important role. Sponsored Research - None PRECEPTORS COMFORT LEVEL