The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care

2012 OPEN FORUM Abstracts


Elsie Collado-Koman, Fernando Gonzalez; Respiratory Care, UC San Diego Healthcare System, San Diego, CA

INTRODUCTION: One of the roles of RT clinical preceptors is to evaluate the competency of new hire orientees. At UC San Diego the preceptor evaluates and documents progress through completion of a set of forms that reside on the medical center I-Share network. This process allows all preceptor to access information related to orientee progress and areas in need of improvement. Although well intended, we observed preceptors compliance with documentation using I-Share was in need of improvement. Reasons included the process of multiple logins and difficulty in navigating the site and forms libraries. We elected to select a new on-line tool and measure the impact on documentation compliance. METHOD: We change the evaluation forms from being available on a password protected word document based form available on SharePoint to designing a web based set of entry forms that can be accessed by clicking a link. This eliminated the need for multiple logins required by the preceptors in order to process the forms. The web based program consists of a formstool database where the data is collected and allows for ease of review for preceptors, clinical specialist, and education coordinator. We also conducted meetings instructing preceptors on the new forms available. We collected data from original on-line Share Point orientation documentation site and cross reference it with new on-line web based evaluation forms and database. The number of online evaluations completed during one month period was recorded prior to making the on-line web based form available. The number of responses was recorded again after the new on-line forms were made available. RESULTS: DISCUSSION: The data reflects an 18% increase in online orientation documentation compliance since the new web-based forms were implemented. CONCLUSION: The data reflects an improvement in online orientation documentation in response to various actions taken in order to facilitate the availability of electronic forms. Easy access to evaluation forms in conjunction with increase awareness and instruction added to the preceptors increase in compliance. This demonstrates the importance of continuous evaluation and the refinement of processes associated with charting, documentation, and staff/preceptors communication. Sponsored Research - None Online Orientation Documentation Compliance