The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


January 2002 / Volume 47 / Number 1

Original Contributions

A Survey of Albuterol Administration Practices in Intubated Patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
by Julie Ballard, Ralph A Lugo, and John W Salyer—Salt Lake City, Utah
Evaluation of Work of Breathing in Spontaneously Breathing Animals During Partial Liquid Ventilation
by Mark J Heulitt, Shirley J Holt, Tracy L Thurman, Sterling Wilson, and Pippa Simpson—Little Rock, Arkansas
The Effects of Motion Artifact and Low Perfusion on the Performance of a New Generation of Pulse Oximeters in Volunteers Undergoing Hypoxemia
by Hartmut Gehring, Christoph Hornberger, Holger Matz, Ewald Konecny, and Peter Schmucker—LŸbeck, Germany
Modification of a Critical Care Ventilator for Use During Magnetic Resonance Imaging
by Sherwin E Morgan, John J Kestner, Jesse B Hall, and Avery Tung—Chicago, Illinois

Test Your Radiologic Skill

Sudden Development of Right and Left Lung Asymmetry in a Pediatric Patient Following Craniotomy
by Kathleen Deakins and Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio

Letters to the Editor

Strong Ion Difference: Metabolic Acidosis or Alkalosis?
by Aquiles J Roncoroni—Buenos Aires, Argentina
response by Erik R Swenson—Seattle, Washington
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