The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


January 2007 / Volume 52 / Number 1


The Mystique of Direct Laryngoscopy
by Richard M Levitan—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Humidification and Noninvasive Ventilation
by Mario Solomita and Gerald C Smaldone—Stony Brook, New York

Original Contributions

Management of Tracheal Intubation in the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit by Pulmonary Physicians
by Andrea MA Vianello, Giovanna ME Arcaro, Fausto S Braccioni, Federico Gallan, Chiara M Greggio, Anna Marangoni, Carlo Ori, and Michele Minuzzo—Padova, Italy
Time Course of Physiologic Variables in Response to Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
by David J Dries, Dana A Simonson, Alexander B Adams, and John J Marini—St Paul, Minnesota
Efficacy of a Heated Passover Humidifier During Noninvasive Ventilation: A Bench Study
by Anne E Holland, Linda Denehy, Catherine A Buchan, and John W Wilson—Melbourne, Australia
Measurement of Pulsatile Tidal Volume, Pressure Amplitude, and Gas Flow During High-Frequency Percussive Ventilation, With and Without Partial Cuff Deflation
by Patrick F Allan, Jefferson R Thurlby, and Gregory A Naworol—Lackland Air Force Base, Texas
Setting Positive End-Expiratory Pressure During Jet Ventilation to Replicate the Mean Airway Pressure of Oscillatory Ventilation
by Andora L Bass, Michael A Gentile, John P Heinz, Damian M Craig, Donna S Hamel, and Ira M Cheifetz—Durham, North Carolina

Case Reports

Fatal Massive Hemoptysis in a Patient on Low-Dose Oral Prednisone: Chronic Necrotizing Pulmonary Aspergillosis
by Bobbak Vahid and Paul E Marik—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Teaching Case of the Month

Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia
by Andrew M Luks and Margaret J Neff—Seattle, Washington


The Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation Response to Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation
by Theodoros Vassilakopoulos, Charis Roussos, and Spyros Zakynthinos—Athens, Greece author response by Amal Jubran—Hines, Illinois

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Oakes’ Respiratory Home Care: An On-Site Reference Guide
(Oakes DF, Wyka KA, Wyka KS)
reviewed by Patrick J Dunne—Fullerton, California
Imaging of Diseases of the Chest, 4th ed
(Hansell DM, Armstrong P, Lynch DA, McAdams HP)
reviewed by Jeffrey P Kanne—Cleveland, Ohio
High-Resolution Computed Tomography of the Lungs: A Pattern Approach
(Karthikeyan D)
reviewed by Jonathan H Chung and Eric J Stern—Seattle, Washington
IASLC Textbook of Prevention and Detection of Early Lung Cancer
(Hirsch FR, Bunn PA Jr, Kato H, Mulshine JL, editors)
reviewed by Keith Eaton—Seattle, Washington
Air, the Environment, and Public Health
(Kessel AS)
reviewed by Sverre Vedal—Seattle, Washington
Tropical Lung Disease, 2nd ed
(Sharma OP, editor)
reviewed by Steve T-Y Yang, Chian-Min Loo, Thun-How Ong, and Keng-Leong Tan—Singapore
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