The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


January 2008 / Volume 53 / Number 1

40th RESPIRATORY CARE Journal Conference

Mechanical Ventilation in Mass Casualty Scenarios Part I

A Special Issue

Richard D Branson MSc RRT FAARC
Lewis Rubinson MD PhD

Conference Proceedings

Foreword: Mechanical Ventilation in Mass Casualty Scenarios
by Richard D Branson—Cincinnati, Ohio
and Lewis Rubinson—Seattle, Washington
Severe Febrile Respiratory Illnesses As a Cause of Mass Critical Care
by Christian E Sandrock—Sacramento, California
Mass Casualty Chemical Exposure and Implications for Respiratory Failure
by Peter C Muskat—Cincinnati, Ohio
Modified Critical Care and Treatment Space Considerations for Mass Casualty Critical Illness and Injury
by David L Hotchkin and Lewis Rubinson—Seattle, Washington
Surge Capacity Mechanical Ventilation
by Richard D Branson, Jay A Johannigman—Cincinnati, Ohio,
Elizabeth L Daugherty—Baltimore, Maryland,
and Lewis Rubinson—Seattle, Washington
Strategic National Stockpile: Overview and Ventilator Assets
by Eileen M Malatino—Atlanta, Georgia
Strategies for Providing Mechanical Ventilation in a Mass Casualty Incident: Distribution Versus Stockpiling
by John Wilgis—Tallahassee, Florida

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Handbook of Disaster Research. (Rodríguez H, Quarantelli EL, Dynes RR, editors)
reviewed by Patricia A Hinton Walker—Bethesda, Maryland
Respiratory Notes: Respiratory Therapist’s Pocket Guide (White GC)
reviewed by Fred M Goglia—Seattle, Washington
The ICU Book, 3rd ed. (Marino PL)
reviewed by Younsuck Koh—Seoul, Korea
Avoiding Common ICU Errors (Marucci L, Martinez EA, Haut ER, Slonim AD, Suarez JI)
reviewed by Michael E Westley—Seattle, Washington
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