The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


February 2004 / Volume 49 / Number 2


Demand Valves for Oxygen Therapy: Your Mileage May Vary
by John W Shigeoka—Salt Lake City, Utah
Hypothermia—In the Operating Room and Beyond
by Zvi Herschman—Huntington, New York

Original Contributions

Characteristics of Demand Oxygen Delivery Systems: Maximum Output and Setting Recommendations
by Peter L Bliss, Robert W McCoy—Apple Valley, Minnesota and Alexander B Adams—St Paul, Minnesota
Laboratory Evaluation of 4 Brands of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Inflator
by Paul B Blanch—Gainesville, Florida
Performance Comparison of Nebulizer Designs: Constant-Output, Breath-Enhanced, and Dosimetric
by Joseph L Rau, Arzu Ari, and Ruben D Restrepo—Atlanta, Georgia
Computer Reconstruction of a Human Lung Boundary Model From Magnetic Resonance Images
by Ray T Burton, Kristin K Isaacs—Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, John S Fleming—Southampton, United Kingdom, and Ted B Martonen—Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Case Reports

False-Positive Sputum Cytology in a Case of Pulmonary Infarction
by David A Kaminsky and Gladwyn Leiman—Burlington, Vermont
Severe Respiratory Muscle Weakness Related to Long-Term Colchicine Therapy
by Maged A Tanios, Hesham El Gamal, Scott K Epstein—Boston, Massachusetts and Paul M Hassoun—Baltimore, Maryland

Reviews, Overviews, & Updates

The Evaluation and Management of Accidental Hypothermia
by Robert R Kempainen and Douglas D Brunette— Minneapolis, Minnesota

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Respiratory Medicine, 3rd ed, 2 Volumes
(Gibson GJ, Geddes DM, Costabel U, Sterk PJ, Corrin B, editors)
reviewed by William H Thompson—Boise, Idaho
Respiratory Medicine
(PDxMD series)
reviewed by John L Brottem—Olympia, Washington
Interstitial Lung Disease, 4th ed
(Schwarz MI, King TE Jr)
reviewed by Anne M Mahoney— Seattle, Washington
Occupational Disorders of the Lung: Recognition, Management, and Prevention
(Hendrick DJ, Burge PS, Beckett WS, Churg A, editors)
reviewed by Feroza Daroowalla—Stony Brook, New York
Pulmonary Biology in Health and Disease
(Bittar FE, editor)
reviewed by Marcy F Petrini—Jackson, Mississippi
Mechanical Ventilation and Weaning
(Mancebo J, Net A, Brochard L, editors)
reviewed by Suhail Raoof—Brooklyn, New York
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