The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


February 2007 / Volume 52 / Number 2

Original Contributions

Utilization of Bronchodilators in Ventilated Patients Without Obstructive Airways Disease
by Lydia H Chang—Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Shyoko Honiden—New York, New York; John A Haithcock, Aneesa M Das, Kathy A Short—Chapel Hill, North Carolina; David M Nierman—New York, New York; and Shannon S Carson—Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Determining the Best Threshold of Rapid Shallow Breathing Index in a Therapist-Implemented Patient-Specific Weaning Protocol
by David C Chao and David J Scheinhorn—Los Angeles, California
Interfaces to Connect the HandiHaler and Aerolizer Powder Inhalers to a Tracheostomy Tube
by Douglas C Johnson—Boston, Massachusetts
Home Discharge of Technology-Dependent Children: Evaluation of a Respiratory-Therapist Driven Family Education Program
by Donna K Tearl and James H Hertzog—Wilmington, Delaware
Imposed Power of Breathing Associated With Use of an Impedance Threshold Device
by Ahamed H Idris—Dallas, Texas; Victor A Convertino—Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Duane A Ratliff and Donald F Doerr—Kennedy Space Center, Florida; Keith G Lurie—Minneapois, Minnesota; Andrea Gabrielli, and Michael J Banner—Gainesville, Florida
Delivery of Iloprost Inhalation Solution With the HaloLite, Prodose, and I-neb Adaptive Aerosol Delivery Systems: An In Vitro Study
by Robert E Van Dyke—Brisbane, California; and Kurt Nikander—Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Case Reports

Tracheal Rupture Resulting in Life-Threatening Subcutaneous Emphysema
by Cynthia J Gries and David J Pierson—Seattle, Washington

Teaching Case of the Month

Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis: A Case of Giant-Cell Interstitial Pneumonitis in a Machinist
by Louie S Enriquez, Tan-Lucien H Mohammed—Cleveland, Ohio; and Gregory L Johnson, Michael J Lefor, and Mary Beth Beasley—Portland, Oregon

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Practical Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Respiratory Failure, and Practical Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Disease Management (Mosenifar Z, Soo Hoo GW, editors)
reviewed by Alexander S Niven—Tacoma, Washington
Disorders of the Respiratory Tract: Common Challenges in Primary Care (Mintz ML)
reviewed by Dean Gianakos—Lynchburg, Virginia
Pulmonary Medicine Review, 2nd ed (Zevitz M, Lenhardt R)
reviewed by Andrew Stiehm—Minneapolis, Minnesota
Crash Course: Respiratory System (Myers A)
reviewed by Marshall B Dunning III—Milwaukee, Wisconsin
High-Yield Lung (Dudek RW)
reviewed by Andrew J Cowan—Seattle, Washington
Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease, 5th ed (Des Jardins T, Burton GG)
reviewed by Dennis R Wissing—Shreveport, Louisiana
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