The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


March 2008 / Volume 53 / Number 3


Change in Editor. Some Things Change: Many Things Remain the Same
by Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
The Value of Conducting Laboratory Investigations on Airway Clearance Devices
by Teresa A Volsko—Youngstown, Ohio
Back to the Future: Using Inhalers Correctly
by Bernard J Roth—Tacoma, Washington

Original Contributions

Performance Analysis of the Flutter VRP1 Under Different Flows and Angles
by Luiz Antonio Alves, Fábio Pitta, and Antonio Fernando Brunetto—Londrina, Brazil
Handling of Inhaler Devices in Actual Pulmonary Practice: Metered-Dose Inhaler Versus Dry Powder Inhalers
by Basheer Y Khassawneh, Musa K Al-Ali, Karem H Alzoubi, Morad Z Batarseh, Saafan A Al-Safi—Irbid, Jordan
Abdelmonem M Sharara—Amman, Jordan
and Hatem M Alnasr—Irbid, Jordan
Evaluation of the User Interface Simplicity in the Modern Generation of Mechanical Ventilators
by Yoshihiro Uzawa—Chiba, Japan
Yoshitsugu Yamada—Tokyo, Japan
and Masayuki Suzukawa—Tochigi-ken, Japan
The Conversion to Metered-Dose Inhaler With Valved Holding Chamber to Administer Inhaled Albuterol: A Pediatric Hospital Experience
by John W Salyer, Robert M DiBlasi, Dave N Crotwell, Charles A Cowan,
and Edward R Carter—Seattle, Washington

Case Reports

Interdisciplinary Approach to the Rehabilitation of an 18-Year-Old Patient With Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Using Telerehabilitation Technology
by S Gregory Marshall, Donald K Shaw, Grace L Honles—San Marcos, Texas
and Kenneth E Sparks—Cleveland, Ohio
Spontaneous Recovery in Idopathic Unilateral Diaphragmatic Paralysis
by Tarek A Dernaika, Walid G Younis, and Paul V Carlile—Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Special Articles

In Defense of the Stethoscope
by Raymond LH Murphy Jr—Boston, Massachusetts

Teaching Case of the Month

Amiodarone Pneumonitis
by Jeffrey I Stewart, Rashmi Chawla, Joshua M Lloyd,
and Gregory C Kane—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


An Unusual Cause of a Difficult Extubation
by Stephen J Gleich, William J Mauermann, and Norman E Torres—Rochester, Minnesota
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