The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


April 2009 / Volume 54 / Number 4

Podcast   Editor’s Commentary

Original Research

Inspiratory Flow-Volume Curve Evaluation for Detecting Upper Airway Disease
by James B Sterner, Michael J Morris, Joshua M Sill, and Jackie A Hayes—Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Clinical and Lung-Function Variables Associated With Vocal Cord Dysfunction
by Maura A Watson, Christopher S King, Aaron B Holley, David L Greenburg, and Jeffrey A Mikita—Washington, D.C.
Detection of Upper Airway Obstruction With Spirometry Results and the Flow-Volume Loop: A Comparison of Quantitative and Visual Inspection Criteria
by Ariel M Modrykamien, Ravindra Gudavalli, Kevin McCarthy, Xiaobo Liu, and James K Stoller—Cleveland, Ohio
Y-Piece Temperature and Humidification During Mechanical Ventilation
by Mario Solomita, Feroza Daroowalla, Deniese S LeBlanc, and Gerald C Smaldone—Stony Brook, New York
Comparison of Measured Versus Predicted Energy Requirements in Critically Ill Cancer Patients
by Arash Pirat, Anne M Tucker, Kim A Taylor, Rashida Jinnah, Clarence G Finch, Todd D Canada, and Joseph L Nates—Houston, Texas
A Comparison of Respiratory Care Workload With 2 Different Nebulizers
by Edward R Hoisington, Robert L Chatburn, and James K Stoller—Cleveland, Ohio
Bacterial Colonization of Respiratory Therapists’ Pens in the Intensive Care Unit
by David F Wolfe, Scott Sinnett, James L Vossler, Josephine Przepiora, and Brenda G Engbretson—Syracuse, New York
Optimum Design Parameters for a Therapist-Constructed Positive-Expiratory-Pressure Therapy Bottle Device
by Régis Gemerasca Mestriner, Rafael Oliveira Fernandes, Luís Carlos Steffen, and Márcio Vinícius Fagundes Donadio—Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Review Article

Predictive Equations for Energy Needs for the Critically Ill
by Renee N Walker—Houston, Texas
and Roschelle A Heuberger—Mt Pleasant, Michigan

Special Article

Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Guidelines: Airway Clearance Therapies
by Patrick A Flume—Charleston, South Carolina
Karen A Robinson—Baltimore, Maryland
Brian P O’Sullivan—Worcester, Massachusetts
Jonathan D Finder—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Robert L Vender—Hershey, Pennsylvania
Donna-Beth Willey-Courand—San Antonio, Texas
Terry B White, and Bruce C Marshall—Bethesda, Maryland

Case Report

Diagnosis and Management of Post-traumatic Pulmonary Pseudocyst
by Rasih Yazkan, Berkant Özpolat, and Sahin Sah?nalp—Ankara, Turkey

Teaching Case of the Month

Revisiting an Old Therapy for Tuberculosis
by Don Hayes Jr—Lexington, Kentucky
Keith C Meyer—Madison, Wisconsin
and Hubert O Ballard—Lexington, Kentucky
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