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April / Volume 57 / Number 4

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Original Research

Determining the Basis for a Taxonomy of Mechanical Ventilation
by Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio
Teresa A Volsko, John Hazy, Louis N Harris, and Salvatore Sanders—Youngstown, Ohio
An Evaluation of Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Tidal Volume, and Ventilatory Frequency During Ventilation With a Neonatal Self-Inflating Bag Resuscitator
by Mariana Almada Bassani, Francisco Mezzacappa Filho, Maria Regina de Carvalho Coppo, and Sérgio Tadeu Martins Marba—São Paulo, Brazil
Modification of a High Frequency Oscillator Circuit With a Heated Expiratory Filter to Prevent Infectious Pathogen Transmission: A Bench Study
by Shari I McKeown and Nicola Serreqi—Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Observational Study of Head of Bed Elevation Adherence Using a Continuous Monitoring System in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
by Robert F Wolken, Russell J Woodruff, Jan Smith, Richard K Albert, and Ivor S Douglas—Denver, Colorado
Evaluation of Functional Respiratory Parameters in AIDS Patients Assisted in the Infectious Diseases Ambulatory Care Clinic of a Tertiary Care University Hospital in Brazil
by Ana Isabela Morsch Passos, Evelyn Regina Couto, Silvio Moraes de Rezende, and Maria Luiza Moretti—São Paulo, Brazil
Relationship Between Anxiety, Depression, and Quality of Life in Adult Patients With Cystic Fibrosis
by Abebaw Mengistu Yohannes, Thomas George Willgoss, Francis Ade Fatoye, Mary Dodd, and Kevin Webb—Manchester, United Kingdom
Comparison of Airway Wall Remodeling in Asthma and COPD: Biopsy Findings
by Justyna Kosciuch, Rafal Krenke, Katarzyna Gorska, Wojciech Baran, Marek Kujawa, Katarzyna Hildebrand, and Ryszarda Chazan—Warsaw, Poland
Correlation of Airway Hyper-responsiveness With Obstructive Spirometric Indices and FEV1 > 90% of Predicted
by George H Kotti—Biloxi, Mississippi
David G Bell, Tokunbo Matthews, Pedro F Lucero, and Michael J Morris—San Antonio, Texas
The Role of Pro-inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Adipokines on Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm in Obese Adolescents Undergoing Treatment
by Patrícia Leão da Silva, Marco Túlio de Mello—São Paulo, Brazil
Nadia Carla Cheik—Uberlândia, Brazil
Priscila Lima Sanches, Aline de Piano, Flávia Campos Corgosinho, Raquel Munhoz da Silveira Campos, June Carnier, Daniela Inoue, Claudia MO do Nascimento, Lila M Oyama, Lian Tock, Sérgio Tufik, and Ana R Dâmaso—São Paulo, Brazil
Ventilatory Inefficiency as a Limiting Factor for Exercise in Patients With COPD
by Iván R Caviedes, Iris Delgado, and Rodrigo Soto—Santiago, Chilel


Respiratory Care Year in Review 2011: Long-Term Oxygen Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Airway Management, Acute Lung Injury, Education, and Management
by Patrick J Dunne—Fullerton, California
Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina
Ulrich H Schmidt—Boston, Massachusetts
Carl F Haas—Ann Arbor, Michigan
Kathy Jones-Boggs Rye—Little Rock, Arkansas
Garry W Kauffman—Winston-Salem, North Carolina
and Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
Imaging of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
by Sarah Sheard, Praveen Rao, and Anand Devaraj—London, United Kingdom

AARC Clinical Practice Guideline

Aerosol Delivery Device Selection for Spontaneously Breathing Patients: 2012
by Arzu Ari—Atlanta, Georgia
and Ruben D Restrepo—San Antonio, Texas

Case Reports

Percutaneous Dilational Tracheotomy for Airway Management in a Newborn With Pierre-Robin Syndrome and a Glossopharyngeal Web
by Arash Pirat, Selim Candan, Aytekin Ünlükaplan, Özgür Kömürcü, Selim Kuşlu, and Gülnaz Arslan—Ankara, Turkey
Eosinophilic Pneumonia Associated With Azacitidine in a Patient With Myelodysplastic Syndrome
by Girish B Nair, Melissa Charles, Lorna Ogden, and Peter Spiegler—Mineola, New York
Novel Multimodality Imaging and Physiologic Assessments Clarify Choke-Point Physiology and Airway Wall Structure in Expiratory Central Airway Collapse
by Hiroshi Handa, Teruomi Miyazawa—Kawasaki, Japan
Septimiu D Murgu—Irvine, California
Hiroki Nishine, Noriaki Kurimoto—Kawasaki, Japan
Jyongsu Huang—Uchinada, Ishikawa, Japan
and Henri G Colt—Irvine, California
Lung Bullae With Air-Fluid Levels: What Is the Appropriate Therapeutic Approach?
by Andres F Henao-Martinez—Aurora, Colorado
Juan F Fernandez, Sandra G Adams, and Carlos Restrepo—San Antonio, Texas
Emergency Bedside Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Rescue of Acute Tracheal Obstruction
by David C Willms, Ruben Mendez, Vanjah Norman, and Joseph H Chammas—San Diego, California

Teaching Case of the Month

An 87-Year-Old Woman With Unilateral Pulmonary Edema
by Joseph Demidovich, Hamid Nasseri, and Amita P Vasoya—Stratford, New Jersey


Too Many Ventilator Modes!
by Alexander B Adams—St Paul, Minnesota
Manual Ventilation During Resuscitation: Does Device Matter?
by Kathleen Deakins—Cleveland, Ohio
An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure
by Ariel Berlinski—Little Rock, Arkansas
Head of Bed Elevation and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
by Brian G Harbrecht—Louisville, Kentucky
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