The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


May 2007 / Volume 52 / Number 5

38th RESPIRATORY CARE Journal Conference

Respiratory Controversies in the Critical Care Setting Part II

A Special Issue

Ira M Cheifetz MD FAARC
Neil R MacIntyre MD FAARC

Conference Proceedings

Should Tidal Volume Be 6 mL/kg Predicted Body Weight in Virtually All Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure?
by Kenneth P Steinberg—Seattle, Washington and Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts
Should Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation Be Used in All Forms of Acute Respiratory Failure?
by Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts and Henry E Fessler—Baltimore, Maryland
Should Heliox Be Used for Mechanically Ventilated Patients?
by William E Hurford—Cincinnati, Ohio and Ira M Cheifetz—Durham, North Carolina
Does High-Frequency Ventilation Offer Benefits Over Conventional Ventilation in Adult Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome?
by Henry E Fessler—Baltimore, Maryland and Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
Should Weaning Protocols Be Used With All Patients Who Receive Mechanical Ventilation?
by Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio and Steven Deem—Seattle, Washington
Should Recruitment Maneuvers Be Used in the Management of ALI and ARDS?
by Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts and Richard H Kallet—San Francisco, California

Conference Summary

Respiratory Controversies in the Critical Care Setting
Ira M Cheifetz and Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Respiratory Disease: A Case Study Approach to Patient Care, 3rd ed (Wilkins RL, Dexter JR, Gold PM)
reviewed by John M Hughes—Millersville, Pennsylvania
Respiratory Care (Francis C)
reviewed by Elizabeth A McNamara-Aslin and Douglas M Aslin—Seattle, Washington
The Respiratory System at a Glance, 2nd ed (Ward JPT, Ward J, Leach RM, Wiener CM)
reviewed by David J Horne—Seattle, Washington
The Washington Manual Pulmonary Medicine Subspecialty Consult (Shifren A, editor)
reviewed by John G McCartney—Madison, Wisconsin
Lung Function: Physiology, Measurement, and Application in Medicine, 6th ed (Cotes JE, Chinn DJ, Miller MR)
reviewed by Jeffrey M Haynes—Nashua, New Hampshire
Human Respiration: Anatomy and Physiology, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Applications (Kulish V, editor)
reviewed by Melissa A Krueger—Seattle, Washington
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