The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


June 2007 / Volume 52 / Number 6


Hospital at Home: The Right Place for the Right Patient
by Guy W Soo Hoo—Los Angeles, California

Original Contributions

Home Treatment of Infection-Related Acute Respiratory Failure in Kyphoscoliotic Patients on Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation
by Paolo Banfi, Stefania Redolfi—Brescia, Italy and Dominique Robert—Lyon, France
The Effect of Lung Resection on Pulmonary Function and Exercise Capacity in Lung Cancer Patients
by Thida Win, Ashley M Groves, Andrew J Ritchie, Francis C Wells, Fay Cafferty,
and Clare M Laroche—Cambridge, United Kingdom
The Ear as an Alternative Site for a Pulse Oximeter Finger Clip Sensor
by Jeffrey M Haynes—Nashua, New Hampshire
Management and Processing of Respiratory Care Information in Respiratory Care Departments
by Constance C Mussa—New York, New York and Yedidyah Langsam—Brooklyn, New York
Performance Comparison of 15 Transport Ventilators
by Daniel W Chipman, Maria P Caramez, Eriko Miyoshi, Joseph P Kratohvil, and Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts

Case Reports

Respiratory Failure Due to Expiratory Central Airway Collapse
by Septimiu D Murgu, Lawrence J Cherrison, and Henri G Colt—Irvine, California
Bronchus-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection: An Unusual Case and a Review of the Literature
by Tom-Oliver Klein, Bruce A Soll, Brian F Issel, and Cory Fraser—Honolulu, Hawaii

PFT Corner

A Positive Methacholine Challenge Test in the Absence of Symptoms
by Jeffrey M Haynes—Nashua, New Hampshire

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 4th ed (Kryger MH, Roth T, Dement WC)
reviewed by Paula G Carvalho—Boise, Idaho
Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook (Lee-Chiong TL, editor)
reviewed by Richard D Simon Jr—Walla-Walla, Washington
Clinician’s Guide to Sleep Disorders (Watson NF, Vaughn BV, editors)
reviewed by R Robert Auger—Rochester, Minnesota
Handbook of Sleep Medicine (Avidan AY, Zee PC)
reviewed by Thomas R Smalling—Stony Brook, New York
Sleep Apnea: Current Diagnosis and Treatment (Randerath WJ, Sanner BM, Somers VK, editors)
reviewed by Randy B Mandell and Vishesh K Kapur—Seattle, Washington
Human Respiration: Anatomy and Physiology, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Applications (Kulish V, editor)
reviewed by Melissa A Krueger—Seattle, Washington
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