The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


July 2004 / Volume 49 / Number 7

19th Annual New Horizons Symposium

Integrating Evidence-Based Respiratory Care Into Clinical Practice

Guest Editor

Symposium Papers

What Is Evidence-Based Medicine and Why Should I Care?
by Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
What Is the Evidence Base for the Newer Ventilation Modes?
by Richard D Branson and Jay A Johannigman—Cincinnati, Ohio
The Effectiveness of Respiratory Care Protocols
by James K Stoller—Cleveland, Ohio
Managing Acute Respiratory Failure During Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
by Greg L Schumaker and Scott K Epstein—Boston, Massachusetts
Evidence-Based Asthma Management
by Thomas J Kallstrom—Cleveland, Ohio
Evidence-Based Management of Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
by Richard H Kallet—San Francisco, California
The Evidence for Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation in the Care of Patients in Acute Respiratory Failure: A Systematic Review of the Literature
by Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
Evidence-Based Ventilator Weaning and Discontinuation
by Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina

2003 Donald F Egan Scientific Lecture

Translating Clinical Research Into Clinical Practice in the Intensive Care Unit: The Central Role of Respiratory Care
by Gordon D Rubenfeld—Seattle, Washington

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Ethics and Evidence-Based Medicine: Fallibility and Responsibility in Clinical Science
(Goodman KW)
reviewed by Mark R Tonelli—Seattle, Washington
Critical Diagnostic Thinking in Respiratory Care: A Case-Based Approach
(Stoller JK, Bakow ED, Longworth DL)
reviewed by Melvin A Welch Jr—Santa Monica, California
Cross-Examination: The Comprehensive Guide for Experts
(Babitsky S, Mangraviti JJ Jr)
reviewed by Robert B Schoene—San Diego, California
Principles of Pulmonary Medicine, 4th ed
(Weinberger SE)
reviewed by Robert R Kempainen—Minneapolis, Minnesota
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders
(Chaitow L, Bradley D, Gilbert C)
reviewed by Mark B Parshall—Albuquerque, New Mexico
Radiology of the Chest and Related Conditions
(Wright FW)
reviewed by Scott Vanderheiden—San Francisco, California
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